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Currently there are four major disciplines which are sanctioned by the NRAA and are shot by Cairns Rifle Club:

Target Rifle. This discipline is shot with a .308 or .223 calibre rifle, and held by the shooter using peep sights and a sling. Target Rifle has been actively contested since
pre WW I.

F Class. This discipline is a more recent competition and is growing rapidly in popularity. It is contested with optical (scopes) sights and the use of bipods or rests. Three categories of F Class exist. Two are shot from an adjustable rest being F Standard which is limited to either .308 or .223 calibre rifles and F Open which is unlimited up to a maximum of 8mm. The other discipline is FTR which is shot from a bipod and limited to .308 calibre.

The most recent addition to the disciplines is the Sporting/Hunting Class.

The disciplines are contested at distances from 300m through to 800m at Wangetti and up to 1000 yards elsewhere.

All disciplines are actively shot by Cairns Rifle Club and the Club is proud to have members competing at regional, state, national and international level in all disciplines.

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